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the cards are stacked in zombies favor

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Author Topic: the cards are stacked in zombies favor  (Read 578 times)
« on: August 26, 2007, 11:39:47 pm »

All the new rules seem to stack the deck one way. It takes 10 to revive and 1 or 5 to get up. Can't free run thru ruined buildings or look for supplies.Hey you can find can goods in a burnt out store, they don't just disappear.  I takes ap to reload, find, and fire while they just swing for the stands.   I was just wondering if anybody agrees with me that it's impossible to stop a horde with the new rules?
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« Reply #1 on: August 31, 2007, 06:13:43 am »

Dude, I totally agree, survivors need the edge just to keep up. survivor is now just a pretty name for lunchmeat! Sad
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« Reply #2 on: September 02, 2007, 07:16:36 am »

Oh come one now.  Survivors are lunchmeat and can't win?  What are YOU smoking???  Why are you whining when survivors have most of the advantages already in the game?  Just think for a moment

Zeds require 5 AP to ruin a building, Survivors can repair it with 1 AP
Zeds required at least 5 AP to destroy a Generator, Survivors can repair it with 1 AP
Taking down barricades from the outside is harder than taking them down from the inside or than putting them up. 
Survivors have better communications (radios), better equipment (scan a Zed with NT tech to track them), better weapons.
A well equipped survivor can easily kill two full health zeds in a turn.  A Zed can at best do one survivor. 
Survivors can free run among non-ruined buildings to avoid being on the streets.
Survivors can track zeds quite well with NT tech, while the scent ability of the Zeds is limited.
Survivors can cure any infection with the treatment of any med-kit, making infections damn near useless.
The Headshot will always take 5 AP from a zed.  Zeds lack a similar ability. 

The truth of the matter is the survivors, despite the many strengths they could use in the game, are badly disorganized.  The current situation in the game is due to several well organized ZED groups with memberships in the hundreds of players, all acting together at the same time for a common goal.  If you look at the overall game stats and track them, up until last week, survivors outnumbered zeds (making up around 54% of the population).  This well coordinated attack, despite the carnage, has barely tipped the balance (so Zeds are now 51% of Malton).  And to me that says the game is working well and is quite balanced.  I admit the the zombies have one major advantage .. the ability to die and just stand back up.  But despite this great ability, they still struggle with the survivors.  And that's because Kevan has balanced the game pretty well.         

You say you can find goods in a burnt out store, they don't disappear?  Well, if you want to apply reality to the game, then I counter that this game has been running long enough that all the goods are used up and gone.  Currently the stores are an endless cornicopia of stuff waiting to be found.  But in reality, by this point there should be no more bullets or guns or generators or fuel to find.  Sorry, while American cities are well armed, even they would run out of bullets by now.  And just where do all the magical med-kits keep coming from?  Or the materials used to create NT syringes?  So Zeds can now spend 5 AP to ruin a building.  All a survivor has to do is spend 1 AP to repair it, and then they can search to their hearts content for stuff. 

Why not try using the abilities you have in the game to play rather than ask the almighty for more powers since you want to have an easy time of it.  How about running through a ruined suburb doing this ... Move to new location, Enter Building, repair it, repeat ...  One survivor acting in this manner could repair up to 18 buildings in one turn in this way.  And (taking moves into account) it would take the zeds 120+ AP to take everything back to ruin. 
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« Reply #3 on: September 05, 2007, 02:58:10 am »

wke235, not only is your response a bit rude, it's also not entirely fair. Here's a few things to consider..

Zeds require 5 AP to ruin a building, Survivors can repair it with 1 AP

In truth it takes a couple of AP to get to the building since you can't free-run into it anymore, then another dozen AP to kill the throw-away zed character someone from the horde left standing in your building (provided you've been able to find any ammo in ransacked resource buildings!). So then you can spend that 1 AP to repair it provided you've found a toolbox, and then another dozen to cade it up to the point where you MIGHT be able to rest and regain your AP.

A well equipped survivor can easily kill two full health zeds in a turn.  A Zed can at best do one survivor.  

"Well-equipped" is the key word there- in order to get the ammo together to kill those two zeds, we spend a few days worth of AP getting to a resource building that hasn't been ransacked yet, searching through all the junk and then getting to the fight (or more often, by then the fight comes to us!)

The truth of the matter is the survivors, despite the many strengths they could use in the game, are badly disorganized. ..

That point is well taken, although I think it's fair to say survivors require a lot more coordination to stay alive than zeds do. No offense, but as long as enough of you bum rush a building at the same time, you're gonna get in. The survivors need to keep several resource buildings protected simultaneously in order to maintain the flow of stuff we depend on- once access to the stuff we need is gone, we're much weaker than you.

The reason we're so frustrated with te last update is that it drastically impacts our ability to stay equipped.
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Marcus Bell
« Reply #4 on: September 06, 2007, 02:44:20 pm »

Well, I don't know if I'd find zombie movies so cool if the survivors clearly had the advantage, so I'm okay with things looking bleak. It is a post-Apocalypse type game, after all.

Though, with the entire northwest under zed control, I've been having a really hard time getting revived. I've been a zed for over a week, and with the DEM tool down, I pretty much wait at graveyards and try to get the 50 or so zeds to all say "mrh?" at the same time. I'm too new (just joined in June) to have any sort of social network to rely on here.

I hope that with the next roll-out of features, the humans get a little something nice....
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« Reply #5 on: September 08, 2007, 05:58:51 am »

Tiffany and the others are right.  Zombies own the playing field.  Even if only 50 percent of the city is red, have you noticed that there are only a few areas that are green.  The rest of the areas are basically zombie controlled, because they are not pure green.  Zeds have way more territory then survivors do, so they have the advantage.  Also, they are always on the offensive, which gives them a huge edge.

Also zeds don't really have to care about dieing.  Maxed out zombies could look at the screen, notice they were dead and only waste 6 A.P. standing up.  Humans have to go to a revive point, wait for a survivor to revive them, which cost them 10 A.P., and then another ten A.P. would be wasted standing up again.

Zombies clearly have the advantage.
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« Reply #6 on: September 15, 2007, 04:47:47 am »

Hmmm .. lets see.  The Zeds put together a well executed and coordinated effort to destroy large portions of Malton.  At the PEAK of Zed power, only 1/2 the squares in the city were Red, and the balance of Zeds to Humans was 52% (just over 16,000) to 48% (just about 15,000).  Now, here are the current game stats just two weeks later:

Standing Survivors : 17194 (56%)
Standing Zombies : 12987 (44%)

Gee, looks like the Zeds DON'T hold all the cards.  Heck, with several malls still in ruins, and from the NT map in the game at least 1/3, perhaps 1/2 of the NT buildings still in ruins, the survivors, ONCE THEY ORGANIZED, are kicking butt. 

Why is this so?  Well, despite your claims, the changes by Kevan did not drastically alter your ability to reequip.  Want to search a PD for bullets but it's in ruins?  You step in, spend 1 AP to repair it, and then SEARCH.  And you can do this even if Zed's are standing there sleeping.  Sure Hospitals and NT buildings may be less effective without power.  But you can STILL search for syringes and medkits and such.   

The entire ZED rise to brief dominance was fueled by a lack of survivors with tool boxes to repair (in one AP I remind you) ruined buildings.  That DID temporarly deplete survivors resources.  But once survivors found toolboxes to carry around and all the repairs started, the game quickly reverted back to where Survivors outnumber Zeds. 

Oh, and was I rude?  Yep.  I always act that way around folks who react emotionally and fail to think things through.  You all automatically wanted to see the worst in the changes, and decide to complain first rather than work with the changes in the game.  And that always brings out my bad side.

Now if you'll excuse me, my Survivor is going to have some fun and try to single handedly fix all the buildings in one Ghost town this turn and next (just to drive the Zeds nuts).             
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