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the cards are stacked in zombies favor

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Author Topic: the cards are stacked in zombies favor  (Read 578 times)
« on: September 15, 2007, 04:47:47 am »

Hmmm .. lets see.  The Zeds put together a well executed and coordinated effort to destroy large portions of Malton.  At the PEAK of Zed power, only 1/2 the squares in the city were Red, and the balance of Zeds to Humans was 52% (just over 16,000) to 48% (just about 15,000).  Now, here are the current game stats just two weeks later:

Standing Survivors : 17194 (56%)
Standing Zombies : 12987 (44%)

Gee, looks like the Zeds DON'T hold all the cards.  Heck, with several malls still in ruins, and from the NT map in the game at least 1/3, perhaps 1/2 of the NT buildings still in ruins, the survivors, ONCE THEY ORGANIZED, are kicking butt. 

Why is this so?  Well, despite your claims, the changes by Kevan did not drastically alter your ability to reequip.  Want to search a PD for bullets but it's in ruins?  You step in, spend 1 AP to repair it, and then SEARCH.  And you can do this even if Zed's are standing there sleeping.  Sure Hospitals and NT buildings may be less effective without power.  But you can STILL search for syringes and medkits and such.   

The entire ZED rise to brief dominance was fueled by a lack of survivors with tool boxes to repair (in one AP I remind you) ruined buildings.  That DID temporarly deplete survivors resources.  But once survivors found toolboxes to carry around and all the repairs started, the game quickly reverted back to where Survivors outnumber Zeds. 

Oh, and was I rude?  Yep.  I always act that way around folks who react emotionally and fail to think things through.  You all automatically wanted to see the worst in the changes, and decide to complain first rather than work with the changes in the game.  And that always brings out my bad side.

Now if you'll excuse me, my Survivor is going to have some fun and try to single handedly fix all the buildings in one Ghost town this turn and next (just to drive the Zeds nuts).             
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