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the cards are stacked in zombies favor

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Author Topic: the cards are stacked in zombies favor  (Read 578 times)
« on: September 05, 2007, 02:58:10 am »

wke235, not only is your response a bit rude, it's also not entirely fair. Here's a few things to consider..

Zeds require 5 AP to ruin a building, Survivors can repair it with 1 AP

In truth it takes a couple of AP to get to the building since you can't free-run into it anymore, then another dozen AP to kill the throw-away zed character someone from the horde left standing in your building (provided you've been able to find any ammo in ransacked resource buildings!). So then you can spend that 1 AP to repair it provided you've found a toolbox, and then another dozen to cade it up to the point where you MIGHT be able to rest and regain your AP.

A well equipped survivor can easily kill two full health zeds in a turn.  A Zed can at best do one survivor.  

"Well-equipped" is the key word there- in order to get the ammo together to kill those two zeds, we spend a few days worth of AP getting to a resource building that hasn't been ransacked yet, searching through all the junk and then getting to the fight (or more often, by then the fight comes to us!)

The truth of the matter is the survivors, despite the many strengths they could use in the game, are badly disorganized. ..

That point is well taken, although I think it's fair to say survivors require a lot more coordination to stay alive than zeds do. No offense, but as long as enough of you bum rush a building at the same time, you're gonna get in. The survivors need to keep several resource buildings protected simultaneously in order to maintain the flow of stuff we depend on- once access to the stuff we need is gone, we're much weaker than you.

The reason we're so frustrated with te last update is that it drastically impacts our ability to stay equipped.
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