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 on: December 16, 2007, 06:48:00 am 
Started by Marcus Bell - Last post by Marcus Bell
Repetative motion. The same action, over and over and...over again. Routine. Habit. Day-to-day drudgery. What else is new?


Mr Hergue, the principal, was talking to him.

"Edward, I'm concerned about your attitude."

Edward tried not to care, he really did, but that really wasn't an option. Unlike the teachers, he didn't have a union, he couldn't count on his job being there next week. What he -could- count on were bills. Rent. Rising costs at the grocery store. Gas for the beat-up-truck that he couldn't afford to replace. Best just to say "Yes, sir," and wait.

"How long have you been here?"

"8 years."

"That long." Principal Hergue had been around for twenty years. Ed's predecessor had been at the school since the dawn of time. 8 years was an eye blink.

"Yes, sir," Ed shifted the mop to the other hand, knowing that he still had both the boys' and girls' locker rooms to clean up before he could go home. Kids. They were filthier than the pigeons who shit all over Ed's windowsill, year-round.

"Well, Edward, we've had some complaints. It's been said that you don't smile at people. And last week, Mrs Van Houten reported that you yelled at her child."

Of course he had. Ted Van Houten, the school's star athlete, had not only been spitting on the school's local retard, but he'd been encouraging other kids to do the same. It wasn't that Ed had a thing for the mentally challenged, but that he knew that these things got out of control. Sure, spit was easy to mop up, but blood and puke weren't so easy. Plus, a mob of teenagers was never pretty. So he'd grabbed that egotistical 15-year-old by the arm and dragged him out of the locker room and gave him some life advice, mostly having to do with not pissing off the local janitor who could break his neck if he really, really wanted to.

Ed wasn't surprised that the brat had told his mommy.

"I'll try to do better," he told the principal.

"See that you do."


It was already a crappy day. What with the pressure from above to stop being a dick-head (what did they expect for 2 dollars over minimum wage?) and the sudden teacher's strike (or whatever it was - everyone calling in sick on the same day was a standard pay-scale tactic), Ed was about ready to throw in his wash-cloth and call it a day. Even if there was nothing at home for him except for a stupid goldfish and thirty unheard messages from his mother, he'd rather be there then at work.

Principle Hergue, however, had other plans.

"Edward! One of the children has vomitted in the gym! Why aren't you there?"

Because Ed was cleaning up the science lab, of course.

"Edward! There's a mess in the library. Clean up that stain on the carpet!"

As if blood was that simple to get out of fabrics. Asshole.

"Edward! Come to my office, immediately!"

And so, being a dutiful menial labourer, Ed dragged his mop and bucket to the principals office.

At first he'd thought he was just supposed to clean up the receptionist's area. The desk and carpet were covered in blood and vomit. What kind of sicko freak would force a kid to stay here? Why didn't they send the little germ-factory home? He was about to start mopping when he heard a cry from behind the door that led to Principal Hergue's office. Where was the receptionist, anyway? Gone home with the teachers? Must be nice.

Resigned, Ed, dragging his mop and bucket along with him, opened the door.

"My God! Kill it! Kill it!!!" Shouted principal Hergue when he saw Ed come through the door.

The chubby pricipal was trapped behind his desk, fending off what looked like an ordinary student with his office's flag pole. The student's clothes were ripped and torn, his flesh a pale sort of green, his movements jerky and awkward. The student turned around when he heard Ed come in, and Ed saw that he had a huge wound on his face, as if something had tried to rip the flesh off with it's teeth.

He put up his mop, more by reflex than by any sort of training, and the student lunged at him, impaling itself through the eye socket on the mop handle. Almost instantly, the student's body went limp.

Ed dropped the mop as if it were burning hot. He looked at Principal Hergue. The principal looked back at him. Hergue's face was pale and his eyes were wide as saucers. He stepped out from behind the desk, setting down the flag pole like nothing had happened. He pulled down on his vest as if that made him look less panicked.

"Well, Edward," he said, his voice sounding queerly empty. "I suggest you get back to work."


It wasn't the first time Ed had been bit by a student. Of course, the last time had been at that elementary school, and the kid had been so young she still had her baby teeth. It was quite unusual for a high school student to dig his teeth into a grownup, even if he was just the janitor.

He'd read somewhere that a human bite was far more dangerous than a dog's bite, probably because of the bacteria, so he didn't feel at all guilty for staying home the next day. His hand was already swollen anyway. Hardly useful at all for opening beer bottles.

By noon, he had a high fever, though the beer was helping him to feel better. By suppertime, he couldn't be bothered to get out of bed. His whole arm was throbbing. The flesh up to his shoulder looked violently red and puffy. He tried to sleep, but his dreams were confused and strange.

When he woke up, sometime later, he felt a little better. Not normal, really, but better. Hungry. Really hungry.

He sat up and looked at his arm. It still loooked strange. The flesh had turned a strange, slightly green colour. But at least it wasn't red. The infection must have died down. He was so very hungry. That had to be a good sign.

He stood up, his muscles protesting, feeling stiff and lethargic. He moved so slowly, but that was okay, because he was finding it difficult to think. The only thought that came with any sort of speed was related to his hunger. He needed food.

Without a second thought, Ed walked right past the kitchen with its half-filled fridge and nearly-empty cupboards. What he needed to eat wasn't in there. He couldn't quite figure out how to open the door, but eventually he managed to batter it down. The same with the door to the outside, at the bottom of the stairs. There were other people around, but he didn't pay them any mind. Somehow he knew they wouldn't be any good to eat.

Outside, he was torn. He knew that the way to his school was left. He'd already missed one day, maybe they needed him. Plus, there might be hundreds of tender children there. Why that should matter, Ed didn't care to think about. He was just so hungry.

To the left was the school, but to the right was another address, one he'd memorized before he got sick. One that interested him much more. The idea of heading that way didn't seem to conflict with that gnawing, endless hunger...


Repetative motion. The same action, over and over and...over again. Routine. Habit. Day-to-day drudgery.

Before he'd gone to principal Hergue's house and dragged the screaming man's heavy but appetitizing body out into the street to chew and gnaw on his bones until that hunger was temporarily sated, that drudgery had been about cleaning. Move the mop up and down, clean up after the same messes made by the same kids, year after year.

Now, the drugdery was about eating, about filling that hungry void. Somehow, Ed knew that he should feel dirty, frightened, horrified by what he did. But he didn't. Instead of bills and rent and a beat up truck he'd never be able to replace, all he had to worry about was that endless hunger.

And in Malton, that hunger rarely went unsated...

 on: December 16, 2007, 05:14:32 am 
Started by Marcus Bell - Last post by Marcus Bell
Okay, I'm a newbie, and I pretty much doubled my 6-month post count in one night, but what's up with Karma? What is it? Why do I have -3? Have I been offensive on the forums? Am I making enemies in the game? Are there rules or guidelines for how karma is distributed?

When and why do people give good or bad karma?

 on: December 16, 2007, 05:11:21 am 
Started by bullgod - Last post by Marcus Bell
There are about a billion different ways to do the math on this game.

I consider myself a relative newbie (I only joined in June '07), but in that limitted time, I've seen the "invulnerable" Caiger Mall fall to zeds at least twice, and been killed at least a dozen times, three of those times I had to spend a couple of days' AP to get to a suburb where I could be revived (thanks, Reganbank and North Blyville!)

Despite my relative newness, I -love- seeing this game develop, and every new skill, tool, or rule, whether for the zeds or the survivors, adds to the excitement for me. As a human player, Urbandead is well-balanced, enough for me to waste 6 months of free time at work (okay, well, only about 5 minutes a day, but still...).

I do want to say, though, that because of your posts, bullgod, and those of others, I've decided to play both as a human and as a zed. Starting today, I now have a zombie character who will definitely be active in the fight against those icky humans (in a completely different part of the city, of course). I can't speak for others, but now I know that I'm helping to keep a nice, even 50/50 balance.

But even while Ed the Dead Janitor is busy munching on arms, Marcus Bell still dreams of the day when he can resume his happy (if uneventful) life as a customer service call centre employee in the human world.

 on: December 16, 2007, 04:56:38 am 
Started by rebekah1 - Last post by Marcus Bell
I'd spend a couple APs just talking with fellow survivors, too. It's harder to kill someone if you've gotten to know them, and if this is truly a lesson you've learned, then sooner or later you'll rebuild that trust. I mean, who here hasn't made a mistake?

I remember trying to tear down a mall's barricades as an innocent newbie survivor (Until someone told me to "stop it, or I'll kill you.").

 on: December 16, 2007, 04:44:17 am 
Started by ZetaMan117 - Last post by Marcus Bell
I just did this. I recommend reading the site FAQ http://www.urbandead.com/faq.html, but basically multiple characters are okay provided they do not interract in any way.

My human character tends to live in the Northwest area of Malton, and my zed character will probably be an Easterner, to keep the risk of interraction down.

 on: December 16, 2007, 02:00:25 am 
Started by ZetaMan117 - Last post by ZetaMan117
I have a question. I already have a human survivor character, and I hope to keep it that way. So I was wondering if I could create a permanent zombie character. Would this be breaking rules, or no?

 on: December 14, 2007, 08:40:45 pm 
Started by Mr NoName001 - Last post by Marcus Bell
You know what, Bullgod? You may be on to something. I pretty much play a human, but I could get behind a "Dismember" skill for the zeds, equivalent to a headshot in that the kill move involves ripping the victim apart limb from limb. I imagine it might make a revive a little bit more difficult if the person has to go hunting around for their arm.

I -do- like the idea of a sniper rifle, though, with high accuracy, high AP requirements and very low incidence of bullets (perhaps only in military bases and/or some police stations?). I'd add that it would be nice to be able to shoot at zeds from inside the safe house (I know - that would be powerful, but if you can only find one or two bullets for your sniper rifle, it wouldn't do you much good against a mob).

 on: December 04, 2007, 09:29:10 pm 
Started by bullgod - Last post by bullgod
wow, i need to start checking this board more often.

ok, i see that you were one of those people that was biased from the start thinking we were just whiners, so allow me to clarify the reasons we were so upset, and why we thought the game was unfair.

first off all there is the imbalance of numbers, i don't think its that zombies are not active, its just that very few people that try playing as them for the first time continue to do so for very long. this is due to a number of factors, mainly that playing as a human is ridiculously easier than playing zed. before you freak out about that let me explain my reasoning.

compare two new players, one human, one zombie. lets say both of them are heading the same direction, wanting to travel exactly 50 blocks in just one day regardless of their safety.

the new human logs in for the first time and uses all 50 AP to walk all 50 blocks. he may die at the end of the day since he would have idled out outside, but he can hopefully call on some one to come find him for a revive.

the new zombie wishes to walk the same distance, but as he dosent have lurching gait till he comes up with 100 XP he must use 2 AP for each block can only get half the distance in one day. so if this lone zombie is able to avoid a headshot it will have taken him two days to get the same distance.

but what are the chances of him not getting headshot? well there are more human players with the headshot skill than there are zombis in the entire game(at the time of the strike) so chances are low. if he wakes up on the next day to continue his walk it will be a short one.

if he starts with 50 AP but has to use 2 AP to walk that eventually gives him just half the effective AP, 25. but if he is headshot he will loose another 15 AP (since he does not yet have enough XP to buy ankle grab).

so lets review, 50- 1/2= 25, 25- 15= 10

he can only walk just 10 blocks on his second day in Malton. at that pace it would take him 3 and 1/2 days to march the same distance that the new human player was able to cover in the first day.

to top it off the human player will level quickly by healing others, spray-painting buildings and occasional attacking a sleeping zombie. but the zombie is only able to gain XP by attacking humans, if he can find one. if he's lucky enough to find a human sleeping outside then thats a godsend, but not likely something he will see often. he will have to find a building, break into it (if he can, barricades often take more then one or even two zombies to take down in one day), and hope that he finds a human inside, since some buildings are barricaded but still have no one inside.

for a first time zombie player getting to level five is viewed as the hardest thing that you can do in the game, its even harder to do without a group.

all we wanted to come out of the strike was a little fairness to make things a little more equal in the game.

kevan gave us same new stuff that made it a bit nicer to play, like using Scent Blood, and  Scent Death to find group members, then by giving us XP for taking down cades, generators and ransacking buildings. and the latter addition of giving humans encumbrance helped us view things as a bit more fair.

 on: December 04, 2007, 08:05:26 pm 
Started by Mr NoName001 - Last post by bullgod
i'll agree to it the same day they give zombies an attack equivalent of headshot. Roll Eyes

 on: November 28, 2007, 02:59:49 pm 
Started by Mr NoName001 - Last post by Raven Estray
I'd suggest damage at shotgun level and 80% accuracy, but +2 AP for getting into firing position. Also, low chance of ammo and weapon.

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