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Title: ZombieDays.com New MMO
Post by: Jenos Ti on November 04, 2011, 02:16:14 am
Hey all,
I've just launched a new Zombie Apocalypse MMO that I've been working on for the last 6 months and was hoping it would interest some of this community as you are very obviously fans of the genre. The game is called Zombie Days and it's a free browser based game set in the fictional Slate City. Your character starts out in the suburbs all alone right after the Zombie Apocalypse has befallen mankind. From there it's up to you how you play with the primary goal being just to survive. Resources are limited so finding food and weapons is a must and you can do that alone or by creating/joining a faction. Some players choose to run around grabbing anything they can to bash in the brains of the zombie horde, while others know that every action in the game creates noise that attracts the undead so they choose to sneak around. Some players have chosen to use the items of furniture they find in their house to barricade themselves in while others are taking the vehicles that are left on the street and just joy riding. We're currently only on day 4 of open beta and the game still has very simple graphics but I'm very proud of my creation and I hope some of you will come and join in. I'm on the in-game chat most of the time at the moment so if you do take a look please say hi.

Jenos Ti